The Pyramid betting system

Roulette Pyramid Betting System

Pyramid system is one of the systems that is available in the online world for any player to make use of. One main benefit when using this betting system is that you always have complete control of all your bets on the game play. The system of betting does not allow players to double their bets with each and every loss as compared to Martingale system.

When making use of this system in the game play, players are allowed to increase the betting amounts by certain value. This is one of the systems that are designed to work very much effectively for every losing bets. So the moment you have placed $1 bets on the table and if you loose you are allowed to increase the betting amount by certain units.

The moment you make any wins then you are also allowed to decrease the betting amounts by few units in the game play.

So on winning if you are betting $1 then you can decrease the next bet by $1. So this is very much effective as you always place the next bet after winning few amount of money in your bank roll. The moment you are implementing this system it is certain that even after loosing some amount of bets you have a chance to win a few extra dollars in your bank account. When using Pyramid system it is certain that you get a chance to stay in the game play for longer hours as compared to Martingale system roulette terms. One main disadvantage of Pyramid system is that you just can never expect to win big amounts and so your profits are always limited with such betting systems.

With every winning spin it is certain that players can only expect to win around $1. There are also a number of players who try and combine both Pyramid system and Martingale system when playing for big money. You need to keep in mind that Pyramid system is helpful for players to regulate the betting amounts the moment you are on a losing streak. The moment you are making use of Martingale system then it proves helpful only for players who are on a winning streak. So the moment you are using these betting systems it is certain that you can regulate your wins and loses. There are a number of players in the online world who make use of these two systems combined and manage to lose only $2 for placing $6 bets.

So even if players are making use of Pyramid system still there are chances that they are loosing some amount of money with every loss. The fact is that in the online world there certainly is no system designed so far that can offer with best mathematical edge over the game play. When playing online roulette, players have to face a big house edge that is equivalent to around 2.70%. Apart from this roulette is also a game play that is more dependent on your luck factor to win every round you play.

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