The Basics of Roulette

Online Roulette Basics

Normally, you can play up to 8 players at a roulette table. These players play against the house by the principle that is represented by the croupier. The dealer spins the roulette wheel and is responsible for the bets and payouts

In the European and French roulette wheel versiosn have 37 numbers. These numbers represent the numbers 1 to 36 and the 0. In the U.S., though most roulette wheels have two zeros, ie a 0 and a 00 so the American roulette wheels have 38 numbers.

At the beginning of each game player buys chips from the dealer, each player receives in different colors, so that on the table does not get confused. At the end of the game, if you have won, you exchange the colored chips for chips again with monetary value. On these chips is the monetary value and this can then be exchanged when leaving the casino, at the bank for cash. There are many different chips in all colors, depending on the casino and the country. So like I said, this cash value chips can later be redeemed for cash.

In order to play by the rules of roulette, you place your bet on the numbers (there is any number except zero is possible). The zero is outside the number layout on the roulette table. After all players have placed bets, the croupier starts to spin the wheel, and places (throws) and then the ball into the wheel

A few seconds before the ball is said to define, at a niche (number) of the croupier, “Nothing is more” “no more bets are accepted.” From that moment on, it is no longer allowed to place bets to place or change existing betting until the ball falls into a number. Only when the dealer has made a small doll on the winning number on the table, and has collected all the lost bets, you should make the next bet. This can happen even while the croupier pays nor the profits to the online roulette players gained. Have been gained, those whose bets on or against the number was the winner. Bet win outside the layout table when your number was in the profit zone.

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