Red Bet A type of bet that is placed on any red number. On winning you get to win even money.

Red-Black Bet Placing a bet on any 18 set of numbers for both red or black color.

Reds Also termed as nickels. These are $5 chips that are red in color.

Reverse Martingale Betting System A system that allows players to double their betting amount after each of the loss.

Roulette Chips The chips that are provided to players by the casinos. Players can only make use of these to play roulette game. Both European and American roulette game makes use of distinct types of chips.

Roulette Layout The grid that is present around the roulette wheel on the roulette table. Players make use of this area to place their bets.

Roulette Strategy The methods that most players make use of to win the game. Internet offers with distinct roulette strategies.

Roulette System A system that players make use of for increasing their chance of winning in roulette.

Roulette Wheel This is the most important part of the game. The table layout is around this wheel.

Row Bet Placing the bet on any of the three numbers that are present in a row. On winning players are paid in the ratio of 11:1.

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