Capping a bet This is also termed as past posting. This is also termed as a type of cheating for making best win in roulette.

Casino Edge Advantage that any online casino has against the players.

Chasing Losses Placing a betting amount with an aim to recover all the earlier loses in this game.

Check Rack The slot that is made use of for holding chips. This is also termed as the chip tray.

Cheval The term used when any player plays two numbers using a single bet.

Choppy Game The game that offers with distinct winning patterns.

Colonne This is a term that is used to describe column betting

Column Bet Placing your bets on any of the columns. The bet is generally placed at the base of each of the column.

Corner Bet Placing your bet on any of the 4 numbers at the corner.

Croupier A roulette dealer. This is a French term for dealer.

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