Roulette Rules

Online Roulette Rules

Roulette is simple and easily learned. From this page you can read the rules together with a description and the goal of the game in a short form.

In the casino, the online roulette free table by one or more dealers will be cared for. The number of dealers depends on the country. The number of rotations per hour vary depending on the country. In Europe, one can expect about 30 rotations per hour, and in the U.S. and up to 100 spins.

There are a lot of minor differences: the number of players around the table can vary from casino to casino very much. At some tables with chairs on one another is during the game and defended his spot with the elbows.

The number of tables may vary: The American roulette table usually has one, while the European has sometimes two tables, with the wheel in the middle.

The person hired by the casino to operate the roulette online wheel is called the croupier. He spins the wheel in one direction and immediately the – from Ivory or manufactured from plastic – ball along the outer edge towards the direction of rotation of the wheel. Gradually loses the ball speed and ends up lying in a compartment number.

The croupier makes known the value determined by the number of balls and color: red, black or any color – if the winning number is zero or double zero. These two fields are green.

After all the losing bets from the dealer at one time, paid the winners. A new game can begin now that the roulette blog players make bets again.

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