Roulette Probabilties

Online Roulette Probabilties

The first thing you need to know about roulette probabilities is this: Roulette is a game of pure water. In other words, your opportunities and your entire success depends largely on chance. But that does not mean you can not influence their roulette probabilities. The way how to place your bets, has a major impact on their ability to win money.

Before the facts first hint: It does not matter what you will tell many a casino veteran – a roulette wheel has no memory and there is no pattern, after the ball drops. All the oddities that you are watching on the panel in this regard are nothing more than fluctuations in the statistics. Since there are no hidden roulette strategy, so keep it not only on such things. If the wheel itself does not remember the last game results, then you do not have to.

The first opportunity for you to influence the roulette odds, begins before you come to the table. Choosing the right roulette wheel is crucial for a lucrative game. You should always play on a European wheel, if you have the opportunity, because it has no double zero and thus a much lower house edge than its American counterpart.

Roulette Probabilities – The inside bets

The inside bets are the bets, the view that most beginners bets than the classic roulette system. These bets are made on the number of samples of the panel. They are distinguished primarily by very high payout rates and very low chances of winning. Your roulette probabilities for the inside bets are as follows:

Roulette Odds Bet Payout
individual number 35 to 1 2.63%
2 combined numbers 17 to 1 5.26%
3 combined numbers 11 to 1 7.89%
4 combined numbers 8 to 1 10.53%
6 Combined figures 5 to 1 15.79%
Combination 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 6 to 1 13.16%

As you can clearly see, the chances of losing your bet at these very high stakes. In fact, the best chance of winning with an inside bet is twice as bad as the worst chance of winning an outside bet (as you will see for yourself). So you should consider very carefully whether you want to embark on such a risk.

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