Outside Roulette Bets Probabilties

Roulette Probabilities – The outside bets

There are far more lucrative than the inside bets. This, of course, the outside bets are meant. If you go to the roulette terms table in order to win money (and do not we all?), Then the outer tip of the bets for you. The odds and payouts of the outside bets to read as follows:

Roulette Odds Bet Payout
Red 1 to 1 46.37%
Black 1 to 1 46.37%
Even 1 to 1 46.37%
Odd 1 to 1 46.37%
1-18 1 to 1 46.37%
19-36 1 to 1 46.37%
1-12 2 to 1 31.58%
13-24 2 to 1 31.58%
25-36 2 to 1 31.58%

As you can see here, the payout rates of the outside bets are relatively low, but the chances are to win roulette it better than most other casino games. You will have to look far to see off the roulette table, an approximate fifty-fifty chance of winning.

So that you actually already know all the roulette odds, you will need for your game. The fact that the roulette odds are so clear, is one of the many reasons why online roulette blog is so popular. You need not apply only dozens of mathematical formulas before you make a bet.

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