Everything about live Online Roulette – American versus European

There are a lot of online gamblers in the world and one of the most popular games played online is the online roulette. There are two types of online roulette you can play and these are the American and the European one.

When it comes to live online roulette, you should know that there is such thing as there are real dealers spinning the wheel in real time at some casinos. You can opt for playing at such roulette if you can’t trust the electronic one. However, live or electronic there are the same two variations: European and American.

Roulette is actually a French word and it was played with only 36 slots in the past. However, people got brighter and brighter and came up with strategies that beat the system. This being said, the roulette owners introduced the 37 slot for the 0 which offers them a slight advantage over the players.

The slight advantage that comes with the existence of the 37 number is great when it is seen in the long run. Therefore, many times people ask themselves how they can beat the new system. There are a lot of theories but none of them are absolutely unbeatable. This makes the game even more popular and this is why online roulette is so popular too.

The main difference between the European roulette and the American one is that on the American one there is another 0 added to it. So, in fact there are 38 slots in the American roulette. This makes beating it even harder because of the higher advantage that the house has. Even if people had lesser chances to win, the American roulette is the primary variation when it comes to popularity and it is played both in land based and online casinos.

If you want to increase your chances of making money with live online roulette you should definitely choose to play the European one. The reason is very simple: you have a lot more advantage while playing the European roulette than the American one. There are a lot of strategies that can be applied when it comes to winning at the online roulette but none of them are incredibly backed up statistically.

However, roulette remains a game of luck and thrill where you can make serious money out of nothing or you can make nothing out of serious money. It depends on your strategy and on your stop loss limit.

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