European Roulette

How To Play European Roulette

European Roulette is the most played form of roulette in both online casinos and real casinos, you will find most only offer his type of roulette.

This is also the most favourable form of roulette system for a player to play.

If you have a European roulette game you are most likely to end up with a nice profit.

Winning with European Roulette is now easier to than the American version you well now think this is a legitimate question and we will try to explain clearly.

A European roulette wheel has 37 slots roulette, numbers 1 till 36 and a 0 (zero)

But you do not get paid 36x, 35x this is just. Otherwise the casino never make a profit of course. There is therefore 1 / 37 part of the casino long-term (2.7%).

Now we go to American roulette, the wheel once it has 38 slots with a zero and double zero, and here you get paid for 35 boxes!

The casino takes so with this roulette version 2 / 38 share (5.4%).

So do you understand that it is cheaper for a European roulette, more experienced players, the American roulette is always ignored because you are in comparison very little gain.

Another difference is the placement of numbers on the roulette wheel, with the European roulette are randomly scattered around the wheel, but with each successive number is American roulette against each other. So the one sitting in front of the two. The 3 against 4 and so on.

In European roulette, you can bet on it again groups of numbers on the wheel, then these are all lined up on the wheel so you can use with a portion of a wheel bet what you want, European roulette tables have this just before the croupier neighbours a separate board on the roulette table where the dealer then you can make up your chips. So you do not all have to manually place the table, very useful for the last time a particular part of the live roulette online wheel will turn.

There are no other significant differences. We hope that the difference between a European and American roulette easily explained.

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