European Cup Football and roulette at the same time?

Watch the European Cup and play roulette online

Of course we are all in the European Cup fever, whether you are a football fan or not. With less then a year away to the big tournament advertising on the streets and on TV will leave no one in doubt that we have a tournament to look forward to with some of the best players in Europe vying for the trophy currently in the possession of the unbeatable Spanish Team.

As you may know already the Euro2012 tournament will be hosted by joint countries Ukraine and Poland which we hope will do the countries proud and also be a great spectacle.

European Cup Roulette Experiences?

Good question, basically we are so excited about the casino players being able to experience a little of European Cup tournament with special events and games being created in preparation for the big event.

Also players can expect to not miss any of the action if they go to the casino as TV screens will be showing all of the coverage as they are playing. Look out during the tournament for special bets which will incorporate rotating the ball in a game of online roulette with action taking on the pitch. Slot machines will also be producing special games reflecting images of players or countries playing in the tournament.

Where is the best?

Now that’s hard to say, with the tournament still to come we can only naturally speculate where the best deals will be. Looking at previous tournaments. In the German world cup was one of the best, because they were always able to produce great deals in online roulette free for new players as well as existing members. The first game of the world cup at had bonuses of 550 € to 100 € for different games. Which were some of the highest and easiest to achieve compared to others.

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