Anti-Online Poker Group To Be Launched By Billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson and owner of Las Vegas Sands Corp has made no secret that he is completely against the legalization of internet betting in the U.S. and is now set to launch an anti-online poker campaign on a large scale basis.

Sheldon Adelson

The Washington Post confirmed that Adelson will finance a public campaign that will look to target the negative aspects of internet betting in the United States. This move from Adelson could significantly damage the progress that the online poker community has built up over the past few months.

Adelson is known to be someone who never gives up and always tends to do things on a large scale basis. This campaign is sure to draw the attention of both the online and offline media and with it the support of many influential politicians who are in favour of Adelson and his views. During 2012, Adelson is reported to have spent close to $100 million because he wanted to get a certain Republican in the White House.

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He has been extremely passionate about his anti-internet betting stance and with his extremely large financial assets, this anti-internet betting campaign will certainly not lack for funds.  The focus of his campaign will be to portray the internet betting industry as

“a danger to children, the poor and others who could be exploited by easy access to Internet betting.”

Online Poker in the U.S has seen some progress this year with Nevada and Delaware launching legalized online betting websites. New Jersey is not far behind and will also launch its operations before the end of this month. There are also a number of other states who are in the process of considering the legalization of internet betting.

The Post reported that Adelson is gathering a number of influential people who come from different backgrounds including child advocates. Some of these will include the former U.S. senator Blanche Lincoln, former New York governor George Pataki and former Denver mayor Wellington Webb. Adelson will make a detailed announcement during Jan 2014 and release the names of this special Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

Earlier this year when Adelson attacked the online gambling community, he was accused of being threatened by the competition that online betting would provide to his land based casinos.

However, Adelson refuted this statement by saying “Critics will claim I have ulterior motives in taking such a strong stand on this issue. They’ll say I’m just afraid to compete for this business or that I’m worried about the impact on my land-based casinos in Nevada and Pennsylvania. First, with our popular brands…we would be very effective competitors in this market place. Having started more than 50 different successful businesses over the course of my nearly seven decades-long business career, I’m not afraid of competing with anyone”.


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